Getting Started

Published April 1, 2014 by talentedpink

Well first I would like to introduce myself. My name is Katie. I am a writer, a wife and mother of four.
This is completely new to me and I am looking forward to growing and learning about this process. I hope to one day be a great writer and have published books all over the world.

My passion is biography. I love reality. I love fact. I love truth. I am also very nosy, therefore, I like to know who people really are and where they came from before they were notorious for whatever reason.

In my blog I will cover every famous/infamous person I can possibly find information on. This will vary from super-stars like Miley Cyrus, to serial killers like ‘The Honolulu Strangler’. There is no limit to the types of people who I will be researching and writing about. I am very excited about the types of people we will meet and get to know better and better with each letter and story typed.

I hope that my stories will be interesting and fulfilling as we learn about these many different people together. I look forward to receiving feedback and ideas of people who are of interest to the reader and whom the readers would like to know more about. The sky is the limit!

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