What NOT to wear

Published April 15, 2014 by talentedpink


Image I have found that my confidence has less to do with what I’m wearing and a lot more to do with what is happening inside my head and heart. If I feel confident about whatever the situation may be that then eludes out of me regardless of the fabric covering my body. I carry with me instead, confidence. Confidence in knowing I AM the best person for the job, I CAN do this and no one can stop me.   Don’t get me wrong, finding the perfect sexy dress paired with slimming stilettos definitely will help add to my confidence if I’m going out for a night on the town, but it is my attitude that does all the work. If I feel good, I will portray that through how I carry myself, which in tale will make others believe me too. However, say I’m heading to a job interview or an important meeting; I would then rumble through the closet and find something, anything that portrays I know what I’m talking about. There is that certain “look” everyone looks for. That first impression is very important and it is how people judge you before even talking to you. Because let’s be honest; if I walk into a meeting wearing pajama pants, a dirty shirt and hair all amiss; who is going to take me seriously or even consider anything I have to say? Who will believe I know what I’m doing or what I’m talking about? Not a single person. So preparation to everyone else’s expectations is a must. Therefore, there is fussing with the shower, so I am clean and refreshed. I set my hair explicitly in place; whether in a bun with light bangs or neatly clipped back yet flowing graciously down my back. I then add a touch of natural looking make-up for added character. Oh, and I can’t forget to whiten my teeth since smiling is my best feature! I step into long black slacks, a silky black collared blouse with just a hint of white for added depth and matching heels. The finishing touch is a small pair of oval sterling silver earrings and matching necklace to frame my neckline. I check myself over and over again, practicing standing straight and looking the part. Carrying my confidence along with my manicured look, I come across as a believable, dependable person that can do the tasks at hand or as the responsible type who always does the right thing. The problem is this is the façade I am showing you. You don’t know me. You don’t see me outside this outfit, outside this attitude. You only see what I am willing to show you. I could be the dirtiest, nastiest, most vicious person you’ve ever met, but you would never know that by looking at me. You only know what I am willing to portray. And honey, I am only willing to portray whatever it is that I know you want to see. Professional, got it together, know what I’m talking about kind of person. I should have been an actress, then I could use this strange ability I have to become whatever the plot assigns and get paid really good for it instead of minimum wage. Confidence is everything, and I am confident I can make you believe I am whoever you think I should be.

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