Falling out of Love

Published April 21, 2014 by talentedpink


Today I need to write. I have to write. My soul is seething. My heart imploding. My mind exploding. I have to write.

I’m falling out if love today. I’m saying goodbye. Forever and always I thought we’d be, but that is no longer a possibility.

I’ve said this before, many, many times; but today is the day I’ve been given no other choice.

There once was a girl so young and so free; that girl, that girl right there; that girl was me.

I didn’t know love or passion or care but I’d thought maybe I’d found it in you over there.

I spent my life loving you, being your wife
But it turned out to be a life filled with strife

I forgave and I forgot, over and over
Always thinking somehow, something would change

But today I know better. I know change will not come
So today is the day I stop being dumb

Beginning again, all alone and incomplete
I doubt that I’ll ever find someone to meet

Nor do I want to nor do I dare
I’m not the kind of girl that is willing to share

So I go off alone to mend my broken heart
Trying to find the courage and somewhere to start


4 comments on “Falling out of Love

  • I like this poem – I think its more liberated form helps one concentrate on the emotional content — the meaning ( which is profound!). Sometimes rhymes and line length seem to distract from meaning.
    PS I had to find you via google as I couldn’t link to you via 101 — probably me!

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