Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

Published April 21, 2014 by talentedpink

child sadness

No one tries to listen
None even bother
Why would they want to
No one really cares

Carrying all the burdens
of this life and the past
Holding them so tightly
time slips away so fast

I try to move forward
but the pain still remains
I try to pretend
but forever I am stained

I pour out my emotions
lay them all out
but what hurts the most
no one hears me shout

I try to be better
I try to be good
I dig a little deeper
but the pain is all there is

I move forward
but always turn around
trying to find a cure
but hurt is all I see

I beg and plead and cry
but no one wants to hear
all the suffering inside
just pretend it isn’t there

I cry and hurt
what a pervert
what a pig
make the sadness stop

I do the best I can
with the little I’ve been given
I just wish I knew the answer
how do you forgive him

But no one tries to hear
no one even listens
I’m dying here inside
if you pay attention

I’m damaged and I’m broken
to which you can’t repair
but all you see
is worthless; not the other side

messed up

I do the best I can
to get through each day
It’s rough and tough and painful
but I’m doing just okay

I need to know I matter
I need to know you care
I need to know you understand
I need a helpful hand

I’m try to get through it
I’m pushing really hard
I’m doing what I can
I’m getting there somehow

I feel all alone
with this burden I’ve been dealt
As though I asked for it
even anyone could care

I do this every day
and no one even knows
I’m putting this out there
let your understanding show

Can anyone understand
Does anyone see
What the hell is happening
Deep inside of me

abusive words

I wish there were wounds
Bruises or breaks
because then they could all see
each time he speaks I shake

I hear the footsteps
on the stairs
I feel the standing
of all my hairs


I cower and hide
I cry and pretend
I’m not really there
It’s all in my head

But he’s right there in front of me
each and every time
whenever your not there
is when he does the crime

I cry and I cry
I beg you to stay
but there you go again
there you go away

It’s killing me slowly
but no one even knows
this pain is just too much
to ever let it go

Just Nod If You Can Hear Me
Let me know your there
tell me you understand
that your well aware

I need to know you get it
It didn’t just disappear
I look normal as usual
but I’m living in pure fear

Hear my words
Hear my pain
Hear my struggle
It’s all in vain

Look around
can you see
what all of this
has done to me

It’s not made up
It’s still THAT bad
I can’t stop hurting
I’m still so sad

not listening

The pain remains
The struggle is there
I am not normal
So don’t you dare

I see your judging
I see your thoughts
I know you don’t get it
How hard I’ve fought

But I’m still here
I’m still going strong
Doing what I can
With all that went wrong

Try to stay with me
Try to understand
What I’m dealing with
I do what I can

I hope to get better
To do as I please
And live my life quite happy
To finally be free

But that day is not today
Tomorrow doesn’t look good either
But hopefully really soon
I’ll be better forever

I need your love and understanding
not judgment and demeaning
I need to be supported, so
Nod if you can hear me

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