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Published April 15, 2014 by talentedpink


I have been searching for myself through every single tunnel, cave, book, thought, moment and idea and still couldn’t find anything I was talented at, or so I thought. I had been doing a lot of soul searching in resent months and it finally hit me!

I am a writer. I have always been very good at putting things on paper and making them sound half decent. I have been writing in a journal since before I even learned how to write. Give me a topic I could go on for days and it would make sense. LOL.

I have always had a natural ability and love for spelling, punctuation and grammar and have always excelled at these things. I didn’t, however, think these things ever fit into anything which would help me have a successful career. The problem was I didn’t believe in myself. I always knew I loved to write; I’d been writing short stories forever. When everyone else was outside enjoying their summer, I was inside plugging away at our ancient typewriter making stories. Yes, it was the kind with the black ribbon you would get all over your fingers if you had to change it and there was no such thing as erasing a mistake…thank God for the invention of computers! Here I can write whatever I want, make as many mistakes as I want and it is easily revised! So much better than the olden days….and I’m not even old; but it was the only piece of equipment I had available to me to type and write with.

Do not get me wrong though, I have a complete love affair with paper and pens!  I could not tell you how much time I spend at ANY store that carries these products! I can’t help myself, I am drawn to them! I’m sure an artist feels the same way about different types of paint and painting products.

So, you would think it would have dawned on me well before now where I was destined to go, but it didn’t. I kept looking for something, anything else. I think I could’ve looked forever until I finally chose to look at what was right in front of my face. Funny how sometimes we just can’t see what is right in front of us.

In order for me to get this ball rolling, I decided to try blogging. It gives me the chance to write regularly, therefore, honing my writing skills and get ideas out of my head. I am still searching for just the right thing to blog about, but I will not be discouraged. I will do the best I can with what I have and see what happens. I don’t expect to be the next great blogger, but hey you never know. 🙂

I look forward to this challenge and I hope it will give me the skills I need to press forward in my career! I hope some will get enjoyment if not quality information out of my blogging if nothing else. I look forward to this journey and seeing where it takes me!!


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What NOT to wear

Published April 15, 2014 by talentedpink


Image I have found that my confidence has less to do with what I’m wearing and a lot more to do with what is happening inside my head and heart. If I feel confident about whatever the situation may be that then eludes out of me regardless of the fabric covering my body. I carry with me instead, confidence. Confidence in knowing I AM the best person for the job, I CAN do this and no one can stop me.   Don’t get me wrong, finding the perfect sexy dress paired with slimming stilettos definitely will help add to my confidence if I’m going out for a night on the town, but it is my attitude that does all the work. If I feel good, I will portray that through how I carry myself, which in tale will make others believe me too. However, say I’m heading to a job interview or an important meeting; I would then rumble through the closet and find something, anything that portrays I know what I’m talking about. There is that certain “look” everyone looks for. That first impression is very important and it is how people judge you before even talking to you. Because let’s be honest; if I walk into a meeting wearing pajama pants, a dirty shirt and hair all amiss; who is going to take me seriously or even consider anything I have to say? Who will believe I know what I’m doing or what I’m talking about? Not a single person. So preparation to everyone else’s expectations is a must. Therefore, there is fussing with the shower, so I am clean and refreshed. I set my hair explicitly in place; whether in a bun with light bangs or neatly clipped back yet flowing graciously down my back. I then add a touch of natural looking make-up for added character. Oh, and I can’t forget to whiten my teeth since smiling is my best feature! I step into long black slacks, a silky black collared blouse with just a hint of white for added depth and matching heels. The finishing touch is a small pair of oval sterling silver earrings and matching necklace to frame my neckline. I check myself over and over again, practicing standing straight and looking the part. Carrying my confidence along with my manicured look, I come across as a believable, dependable person that can do the tasks at hand or as the responsible type who always does the right thing. The problem is this is the façade I am showing you. You don’t know me. You don’t see me outside this outfit, outside this attitude. You only see what I am willing to show you. I could be the dirtiest, nastiest, most vicious person you’ve ever met, but you would never know that by looking at me. You only know what I am willing to portray. And honey, I am only willing to portray whatever it is that I know you want to see. Professional, got it together, know what I’m talking about kind of person. I should have been an actress, then I could use this strange ability I have to become whatever the plot assigns and get paid really good for it instead of minimum wage. Confidence is everything, and I am confident I can make you believe I am whoever you think I should be.

Hidden Demons

Published April 4, 2014 by talentedpink


Where do my demons live? Where do your demons live?

We all have them, I think. Somewhere deep inside us all. Some are better at hiding them. Better at controlling them.

But what are these demons? Part of our conscience? Sin? Anger? Hate? or possibly hereditary?

How do some of us hide them better than others — have more control over them than others? While there are those of us that can put them aside and live our lives successfully other are haunted regularly by their existence. Sometimes warding them off and other times not.

Is this where criminals stem from? Living with and for their demons rather than fighting them off. The stronger the demon the worse the criminal? Or are all our demons completely different? Do they only know what our weaknesses are and play on them? What we are capable of as individuals?

Most importantly, where do they come from? Where are they originated? Why are they there?

I understand the whole nature vs. nurture debate. And I think that all helps develop and grow our personalities, but these demons are something else. They seem to just be there. I have seen perfectly “good” families have that one “bad seed” time after time. How is that explained? Where did this personality of a person stem from? How is it shaped? Were they formed from the demons inside? And how did the demons form? Why are they there? What is their purpose? And can a person be rid of them or not even have them to begin with?

Sometimes, I “feel” my demons working…hard. While other times, nothing. What gets them all worked up? What brings them out? How do we take control over them? Is simply avoiding them, ignoring them, or not giving into them enough? I do not believe so. I have done that plenty of times just for them to return at a later time. Whereas, friends and family of mine seem to simply have none at all. Never done a “bad thing” in their lives. No temptations to do so either, while I fight, scratch and crawl my way out of their grasp. What is wrong with me? Why are these demons hiding inside of me? Is it only me or are demons inside you also?

Are all demons different? Sexual demons, addiction demons, thief demons, violent demons, risky demons, naughty demons, etc.. All different levels of multiple demons, all having a different effect on us and their ability to control our thoughts, feelings and actions. While others still seem to have none, or are they better at hiding or controlling them?

Can a person legitimately have no demons to overcome while others are basically a demon in and of themselves? Do our demons come from our upbringing? I say no — its part of the person’s unique personality. Only because I came from the same family and upbringing as my siblings and only one of my siblings seems to have it all together and no demons at all. While the rest of us struggle regularly with our demons. Does that make me a bad person or just the response to my demons? I think I do my very best to overcome them, but sometimes they do get the best of me. I try my hardest, but I don’t always succeed. Is there any way to stop the insanity or are we just cursed for life?

Perhaps I am just the flawed of society. Just the sick and twisted of this world. Weird. Strange. Broken. But this is what makes me uniquely me, right? Or is something bigger and deeper at work? I would love to crawl inside the mind of a serial killer or those deemed insane by society and find out exactly how their mind works and if it has any similarities with my own. What does that mean if it does? I have plenty of times heard of people with weird cravings they are able to fend off and get help for, such as pedophilia. They don’t give into the demons and I definitely commend them for that, I only wonder why they are able to and others are not.

It upsets me to anger to think some people have it so easy. Why am I cursed? Was I a bad person in my previous life? Did I have a previous life? Sometimes I think I must have been a terrible person in my previous life to be living the life I currently have. After all most of the things that are happening in my life are nothing I have chosen. Some things are…and some things happen because of the demons I carry with me. Those are the times I am unable to fend them off and I give into the guilty pleasure of it all. Sometimes I feel guilty while other times I couldn’t care less what happened or why. Am I all alone in this? Do other people out there go through the same things I am experiencing? How do you fend off your demons? Do you have demons at all? Are you one of the lucky ones? I believe I will forever be plagued with my demons till I die. It is a sad truth, but it is truth.

Is this what I make, what you make? Or are we born with it? How do we ever find out?

Getting Started

Published April 1, 2014 by talentedpink

Well first I would like to introduce myself. My name is Katie. I am a writer, a wife and mother of four.
This is completely new to me and I am looking forward to growing and learning about this process. I hope to one day be a great writer and have published books all over the world.

My passion is biography. I love reality. I love fact. I love truth. I am also very nosy, therefore, I like to know who people really are and where they came from before they were notorious for whatever reason.

In my blog I will cover every famous/infamous person I can possibly find information on. This will vary from super-stars like Miley Cyrus, to serial killers like ‘The Honolulu Strangler’. There is no limit to the types of people who I will be researching and writing about. I am very excited about the types of people we will meet and get to know better and better with each letter and story typed.

I hope that my stories will be interesting and fulfilling as we learn about these many different people together. I look forward to receiving feedback and ideas of people who are of interest to the reader and whom the readers would like to know more about. The sky is the limit!

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